Callback service overview


The callback service allows our platform to post fax results to you on fax message completion.

To take advantage of this, you are required to write a simple web service to accept requests from our system, parse them and update the status of the faxes on your system.

Once you have deployed the web service, please contact your account manager with the web service URL so they can attach it to your account. Once it is active, a request similar to the following will be posted to you on fax message completion:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

<FaxMessage status="done" sendTo="61011111111" broadcastRef="test-1" sendRef="test-1-1" messageRef="test-1-1-1">


              <FaxResult dateCallEnded="2012-08-02T13:27:18+08:00" dateCallStarted="2012-08-02T13:26:51+08:00" scheduledStartTime="2012-08-02T13:26:49.299+08:00" totalFaxDuration="27" pages="1" cost="0.15" result="success" attempt="1"/>





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