This SOAP-based API brings you the ability to send faxes programmatically from your applications.

Using this API you are able to both send a single document to a single destination and, or broadcast a single document to multiple destinations. In either scenario you can manage fax related parameters individually, such as:

Enabling support for specific blocking filters:

  • Australia: Do Not Call Register (DNCR)
  • UK: Fax Preference Service (FPS)

Customising connection settings:

  • Transmitting Subscriber Identification (TSID) string to identify you as the sender of the fax.
  • The number of retries when attempting to connect.
  • Resolution setting of the fax document.
  • The header format and content that appears at the top of the transmitted fax.

Scheduling options:

  • Specify the date and time you would like the transmission to start.
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