What should someone be dialling to fax my UTBox number?

When you start your service with UTBox, or any phone company you will be assigned a number. This number can receive calls and depending on where your caller is they may need to add the international country code or the area code to dial you successfully. A typical UTBox number, formatted in full international formatting might look like; 61282115111

When broken down, it has the following meaning:
61 - Australia
2 - International form of area code for NSW
82115111 - the local fax number


What to dial Information

If someone from the same area code as us was to dial our fax line they need only dial 82115111.


If the caller/sender is in another state they will need to use the area code, in our example it's 02. So the full number becomes 0282115111.


If someone is calling internationally they would have to also include the Australia country code, 61. The number dialled would become xx61282115111, where xx is they will also need to add an exit code local to their location, such as 0011 or 00. This can be obtained from the local carrier.

Please note that the 0 is removed from the front of the area code when dialing internationally, this applies to all Australian area codes.

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