Can I control how many retries are made on my email to fax?

It is possible to adjust the number of retries and retry delay to your outgoing fax transmissions before they report a failure.

The settings relate to:

  • how many times UTBox should attempt to call a fax number when it is unreachable, busy or otherwise unavailable, and
  • how long should UTBox wait prior to making the next fax call attempt

To change the amount of retries for each fax transmission will attempt and the intervals between each attempt you will first need to log in to the UTBox Member Centre. The UTBox Member Centre is accessible from by entering your username and password and clicking LOGIN on the top right hand side of the web page.

Once you are logged in click on Preferences from the top menu, then click on your phone number. At the bottom of the page you will see the settings related to this feature.

Internet Fax retry preferences


"How many attempts to send a fax before giving up:" defines the total number of attempts. The default is a total of 3 attempts.

"Time to wait between retrying to send a fax:" defines the time to wait between subsequent attempts. The default is 15 minutes. This setting does not affect the first attempt (i.e. when you send the first attempt is always made immediately).

If you require no retries it is safe to set a setting of 1 attempt, in which case the time value is not used.

Please ensure you click Update to commit the changes.

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