How do I format a fax number for sending out from UTBox?

To send a fax using the UTBox internet fax service you will need to email to the using your mail client. The phonenumber part will need to be the fax number in the correct format. Fax number formatting information is below:

Number & (address you send to)Information
Within Australia 

0282115111 (

61282115111 (

Sending within Australia you are able to start with the area code (e.g. 02, 03 etc) or with 61 (Australian country code). If using 61 please omit the leading "0" from the area code.



44123456789 (


International numbers should begin with the country code. UTBox does not require an exit code such as 0011 or 00.


Australian national numbers (1300/1800) 

1300123456 (

611300123456 (


If someone is calling internationally they would have to also include the Australia country code, 61. The number dialled would become xx61282115111, where xx is they will also need to add an exit code local to their location, such as 0011 or 00. This can be obtained from the local carrier.

Please note that the 0 is removed from the front of the area code when dialing internationally, this applies to all Australian area codes.

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