Getting Started With Internet Fax

Welcome to getting started with internet faxing. Once you have signed up a UTBox account you are ready to begin! Please see the video below and/or read the steps to take. There is also a screen-shot at the end to show you how your email to fax might look like.


Step 1 - Compose a new email

Using your favourite email client start a new email. Some clients will call this "New Mail Message" or similar.

You are allowed to use the email account of the address which is specified in your UTBox Member Centre Preferences. By default the email address you signed up with is used.

Step 2 - Address it to 'number'

Simply replace 'number' with the phone number you're sending the fax to, (e.g. or You are allowed to have multiple recipients.

For more information please see the fax dialing help.

Step 3 - Attach document file(s) (if required)

The system renders first the email body, followed by any attachments (in the order they are attached). So you can optionally attach a document file you wish to send. We recommend using PDF. If you prefer not to have your email body rendered please see ignore email body.

For more information on PDFs please see creating a pdf document.

Please see supported file types for the list of supported file types for attachment.

Step 4 - Send and receive notification

When you are happy with the contents send the email by clicking "Send" or similar.

Our servers will dial the fax machine after receiving the email and you should receive a successful notification moments later.

If the fax machine you are sending to doesn't answer or is busy, then our servers will re-try every 10-15 minutes a further 2 times (for a total of 3 attempts). This means a notification of failure may take up to 1 hour to be sent to you.

If you prefer to change these dialing rules please see fax retry settings.

If you are experiencing difficulties please refer to the internet fax troubleshooting article.

Example email to fax screen-shot


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